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John C. Neal,  Principal
Bruce L. Neville,  Principal
Tara M. McNally, Chief Financial Officer
The Nexus Team Provides Solutions

Nexus Actuarial Consultants is an independent, professional firm that specializes in providing actuarial and consulting solutions to Workers Compensation Boards, Commissions and Agencies across Canada and Public Sector employers in Ontario.

Solutions to Provincial Boards and Commissions
Nexus was established in 1994 by its two principals, John Neal and Bruce Neville, with a vision to improving the workers compensation systems in Canada through innovative risk measurement and pricing mechanisms that motivate employers to improve their workers compensation performance. John and Bruce each have more than 25 years of nearly full time experience in analyzing pricing systems, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and providing innovative solutions to achieve the desired results.
         "We don't just provide recommendations and leave the client to implement them," says John, "we extract the data from the client systems, analyze it, turn it into useful information and knowledge and use our wisdom to design a solution. With our skilled developers who are experienced in developing our solutions, we prototype the solution, analyze the results and present them to the decision makers in months, rather than years."
Jan Scott, Manager, Insurance Services at the Manitoba WCB had this to say about the Nexus team:
         "Working with Nexus Actuarial Consultants on the development of our new enhanced assessment rate model has been both rewarding and enjoyable.
         Not only did Nexus provide the actuarial guidance and wealth of workers compensation knowledge they have acquired over the years to the project, but also they were key in assisting my staff and me in building relationships and communicating our new model to our stakeholders.
         Their personal commitment and dedication to this important initiative for the WCB of Manitoba was, in my mind, the key to our success."
Jan Scott, January 2001

Solutions to Public Sector Employers in Ontario

 Local Governments in Ontario are, by legislation, self insured for their Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims. This means that the Local Governments are included in Schedule 2 of the regulations governing the WSI Act. Many smaller Local Governments opted to become insured (joined Schedule 1) but medium sized and larger Local Governments remained in Schedule 2.
Since 1994 the Nexus team has been providing actuarial valuations of WSIB liabilities to many public (and some private) employers who are self insured under the WSIB. This part of our business began to grow rapidly in the late 1990's as more and more Local Governments began to realize the extent of their accumulating liabilities for these self insured WSIB benefits and their need to fund them. Commencing with the 2000 reporting year, Local Governments in Ontario were required to report both these self insured liabilities for WSIB and other post employment liabilities on their financial statements.
Since 2000, Nexus has been providing valuations for post employment benefits such as non-pension retirement benefits (health care, dental, life insurance, etc.), sick leave benefits or gratuities, termination benefits and self insured Long Term Disability (LTD).
         "These valuations are products that our clients must have," says Bruce. "Our goal is to do them better, faster and cheaper than any of our competitors. We have achieved this for the WSIB valuations through a process of continuous improvement and refinement in our processes and our actuarial valuation models. We aim to do the same for the other post employment benefit valuations and we are well on our way to achieving this goal."
Brenda Garrett, Manager Accounting, Regional Municipality of Niagara had this to say in a memo to John about our recent valuations:
         "Thank you for meeting with us to discuss the Retirement Benefit and WSIB valuations. (Bruce, too!!!)
         Bruce, Tara, Nadia and yourself have explained the whole valuation process, the need for extensive information, and differences between the 2001 and the 2002 valuation in such great detail and in lay men's terms that the team feels very comfortable with the final valuation numbers. Thank you, again!"

Brenda Garrett, April 2003

To keep pace in the rapidly changing insurance industry, you need to work with the right tools and team with the right service providers.

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