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Tara McNally is the Chief Financial Officer of Nexus Actuarial Consultants Ltd. Nexus specializes in providing comprehensive services in the fields of Workers' Compensation and computer systems. Clients include private corporations, trade associations, WCB support groups and government agencies. Services include evaluating WCB liabilities for self insured employers, designing and implementing WCB management systems, supporting employers in their negotiations with the WCB, and providing technical advice and leadership to trade associations and WCB support groups regarding assessment rates, experience rating, legislative reform and WCB policy changes.

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  • Tara began her professional career as a process engineer and production manager for Procter & Gamble. She played an integral role in the continuous improvement and implementation of front-line safety procedures and was responsible for ensuring that her staff incorporated these procedures into their daily work habits. She was involved in ESRTW (early safe return to work), ensuring that injured workers returned to appropriate jobs quickly in order to maintain morale and physical safety. Tara also oversaw the implementation of SAP (an enterprise resource planning tool) in the maintenance department, which included transition from the legacy system, and later added the responsibility of maintaining the SAP qualification for the plant storeroom.
  • Tara joined Nexus in the spring of 2000, where she enabled Employer Groups to successfully lobby Ontario's WSIB on experience rating through recruiting additional employer groups, dialoguing with employer groups & WSIB, and performing analyses of the WSIB proposals including impact studies, alternative designs, consensus building & report writing.
  • In early 2001, Nexus began to perform Actuarial Valuations of future employee benefit liabilities and obligations for various Ontario Municipalities and, in 2003, School Boards, to meet the new PSAB Financial Statement reporting requirements. Tara has performed dozens of these valuations and co-manages these projects with Bruce Neville.
  • Tara has prepared and conducted workshops put on by Nexus Actuarial Consultants regarding WSIB initiatives and on PSAB reporting requirements for future employee benefit liabilities and obligations.
  • Tara has been the co-chair for United Way Fundraising Drives, an organizer for the Canadian Diabetes Association "Go-to-Bat for Diabetes" corporate baseball challenge, and has been the elected Treasurer of the Haliburton Scout Reserve Alumni Association since April 2000.
  • Tara is the CFO and CAO of Nexus Actuarial Consultants

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  • Bachelor of Engineering Science, The University of Western Ontario- 1997
  • Master of Business Administration, York University - 2002


"Tools of the Trade", OHS Canada Magazine, March 2002 - the article discussed WSIB Experience Rating and Procter & Gamble Safety Systems, illustrating the synergies of the moral and financial incentives for workplace safety.

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