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Our five years of combined experience at the Manitoba Workers' Compensation Board (WCB), where we worked as a team, include:

  • 2000-2014: Annual preparation of individual premium rates and premium rate notices for 27,000 Manitoba employers.
  • 2001: Designed, tested and implemented an interactive employer ScoreCard.
  • 2001: Overhauled the grouping of 200+ rate codes into 9 risk categories.
  • 2000: Reviewed Manitoba's 1999 year end liabilities.
  • 2000: Prepared a detailed comparison of survivor benefits in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
  • 2000: Designed, consulted, tested and implemented upgrades to the rate setting/experience rating model for the Manitoba WCB to enhance its ability to facilitate reductions of accident rates and their consequences, and improve its actuarial soundness and fairness.

Our five years of combined experience at the Manitoba WCB, where we worked as a team, include:

  • Extensive annual consultations with employers on proposed assessment rates and assessment policies including province-wide meetings to solicit feedback;
  • Reviewing Manitoba's 1999 year end liabilities, including major reviews for the agricultural and construction industries;
  • Overhaul Manitoba's unique rate setting system that prices individual employers;
  • Analyzing, refining, marketing and implementing the experience rating programs in 2001.



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