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Our twenty-five years of combined experience as full-time consultants with employers and their associations include:

  • Industry wide analysis of workers' compensation (WC) claims experience for use in industry responses to WCB consultations regarding reclassifications, assessment rates and other issues;
  • Evaluation of the actuarial liabilities, one year costs and funding strategies for self-insured (Ontario Schedule 2) employers;
  • Feasibility studies for employers considering a transfer from insured (Schedule 1) to self-insured (Schedule 2) status. This includes a review of claims experience, evaluation of annual costs under both Schedules and establishment of funding strategies;
  • Education and training of management regarding WC experience rating plans;
  • Frequent presentations to employer seminars and conventions on the financial aspects of WC;
  • Evaluation of insured employers' past claims experience and projections of its impact upon experience rating;
  • Financial audits of WC assessments;
  • Advisors on the financial aspects of WC to trade associations and industry groups;
  • Actuarial costing for major policy and legislative proposals;
  • Facilitated the preparation of the Ontario employers' discussion paper to the Ontario WCB and legislature entitled "NEER Conceptual Design for 1997 and Beyond";
  • Facilitated the Employers Council of Ontario's response to WSIB's Feb.. 1998 Funding Strategy Proposal.
  • Manitoba: 2000: Review Manitoba's 1999 year end liabilities.
  • Manitoba: 2000: Overhaul Manitoba's unique rate setting system that prices individual employers.
  • Saskatchewan: 1996: Reviewed the potential impact of WCB's proposed 1997 assessment rates for the Deputy Minister of Labour.
  • Saskatchewan: 1995-96: Reviewed the WCB's 1996 assessment rates and assessment rate process for the Minister of Labour.
  • Workers' Compensation College 1993: Lectured on WCB Funding Principles and Investment Strategies.
  • North West Territories 1992: Reviewed assessment rate methodology and 1993 assessment rates.
  • AWCBC 1992: Conducted an extensive study for the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada to compare assessment rate and liability methods and assumptions for all 12 provincial jurisdictions.
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