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Since Nexus was established in 1994 we have performed scores of WSIB valuations for Local Governments and other public sector agencies in Ontario for the purposes of funding. Since 2000 we have performed dozens of WSIB and non-pension retirement benefit valuations for the purposes of meeting the accounting requirements of the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB). In 2003 we are also performing PSAB accounting valuations for School Boards.
We are the architects for refining WSIB's experience rating reform proposals. Based upon the refined proposals we built a comprehensive database and used it to apply the proposed ER reform to all employers over a number of years.
We are the pricing actuaries for the Manitoba WCB responsible for the annual preparation of individual premium rates and premium rate notices for 27,000 Manitoba employers. We also designed and built an interactive employer ScoreCard which assists employers in managing their workers compensation.
Supported the BC WCB in the introduction of its new systems for classification, experience rating, liabilities and rate settings. Created, designed and implemented new system components for these new systems. Supervised the project through all three major phases.
Designed and reviewed the actuarial aspects of the Work Injury Reduction Program.
Conducted Classification and review for the Occupational Health and Safety Commission.
Conducted actuarial reviews for a number provincial Workers' Compensation Boards.

Nexus offers over 25 years of full-time experience in both the financial and systems aspects of workers' compensation.

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