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Our team supervised projects for Alberta Workers' Compensation Board:

  • 1994: Reviewed the classification system and the grouping of industries into rate groups.
  • 1992: Revised Work Injury Reduction Program formulae for the measurement of a firm's performance.
  • 1991: Set the eligibility criteria for expansion of the Work Injury Reduction Program and modified the Program to include surcharges.
  • 1991: Performed an evaluation of Work Injury Reduction Program.
  • 1990: Engaged in cross province meetings regarding experience rating changes.
  • 1990: Conducted a study of classification, assessment rates and experience rating with recommendations for enhancements.
  • 1989: Designed the actuarial aspects of the Work Injury Reduction Program (refunds only) initiative.
  • Our extensive past experiences and developed expertise enable our clients to effectively manage their workers' compensation and computer system solutions
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